Imran Khan Message for Gen Bajwa and PDM SAMAA TV | Sheikh Rasheed helpless on Nawaz Sharif Retu

3 years ago
#Reportersinsight​ #PMIKonSamaa​ #PrimeMinisterImranKhan​
Imran Khan interview with Paras Jahanzaib on Samaa TV Imran Khan said General Bajwa and General Faiz not responding PDM because they are with Democracy PDM want General Bajwa to topple PTI government Imran Khan hinted to trail PDM in Article 6 PM Imran Khan said he is waiting when PDM will resign from parliament Saleem Safi in his column writes Imran Khan is playing very smartly and playing with the Establishment Sheikh Rasheed said government can not bring Nawaz Sharif from London as UK and Pakistan have no agreement of accused exchange.

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