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3 years ago
The power of love can bring anyone to their knees. Check out the melodious Mohabbat Ajnabee.

#MohabbatAjnabee #sayonee #sachet #sukritikakkar #tseries
Starring: Tanmay Ssingh, Musskan Sethi, Rahul Roy, Yograj Singh and Upasana Singh.

Produced by: Lucky Nadiadwala Morani Productions and D&T Productions Pvt. Ltd.

Video Credits:

Featuring -Tanmay Ssingh , Musskan Sethi , Rahul Roy, Yograj singh , Upasana singh
Director of Choreography - Shruti Sinha
Dop - Johny Lal & Andrey Eremenko ...
Editor - Abhay Singhal
Art Director - Akruti Sinha
Di - Prasad Film Labs (Mumbai)
VFX supervisor - Anuj Deshpande
Publicity design - Lalji Wagh (Vow design)

Song : Mohabbat Ajnabee
Singer : Sachet Tandon & Sukriti Kakar
Music : Rangon
Lyrics & Original Composition : Sohail Haider
Music Produced , Arranged & Orchestred by : Team Rangon and sohail haider
Additional Music Production: ,Pritam Choudhury, Allapp Sardarh
Additional Lyrics: Mukesh Sachdeva

Sound designed by : Rangon & Allapp Sardarh
Mixed & Mastered by : R Nitish Kumar
Live accoustic guitars & Strokes : Shomu Seal
Live electric guitars: Pritam Choudhury
Live Flute : kiran
Music Production Manager : Saugato Roy Choudhury
All tracks recorded at RCStudios by Suraj Nag , Dipjyoti dey
Sukriti's Voice recorded by Roopjit @Playhead Studio
Chief Sound engineer & Shootmix by : Rahul Kar , Dipjyoti Dey
Vocals dub conducted by : Anurag Mohapatra
Music assistants : Pritam Chaudhury , Allapp Sardarh , Anurag Mohapatra , Suraj Nag , Rahul Kar, Tanya Sharma , Dipjyoti Dey.

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