2 years ago

In a World of Gods and Goddesses: The Mystic Art of Indra Sharma Best Sellers Rank : #2


Reformatted into a new, smaller size, the masterful Indra Sharma?s celebrated collection of traditional spiritual Indian paintings is now more affordable than ever. With painstaking detail put into each illustration, these beautiful works of art highlightExpressing his spirituality through art, Sharma?s unique masterpieces are meant to inspire peace and reflection in the viewer. With sections on major Hindu deities and classic Vedic texts that include both art and accompanying descriptions, In a World of Gods and Goddesses is the definitive collection of Indra Sharma?s lifework. By combining contemporary and traditional artistic styles, Sharma creates icons of Hindu gods and goddesses that are altars of worship for millions. Steeped in India?s ancient Vedic cosmology, these prayerful, captivating paintings contain a complete who?s who of the Hindu pantheon?Ganesh, Devi, Shiva, Vishnu, Laxmi, and Krishna all come alive in this unique and richly colored work.