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  • 4 years ago
Obtain a visa and stay with your spouse in the U.S.You're engaged or married to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and all you want is the right to be together in the U.S. Should be easy, right? It's not. Information can be hard to find, the government bureaucracy isn't helpful, delays are inevitable. Worst of all, there hasn't been an easy-to-use guide through the process -- until now.?Fianc? & Marriage Visas makes obtaining a visa and green card as painless as possible. It helps you make sure you're truly eligible and decide the fastest and best application strategy -- whether you're married or unmarried, living in the U.S. or overseas. With this friendly, comprehensive book, you can:?.understand the immigration process .adopt the best application strategy .make your way through the bureaucracy .collect, prepare, and manage paperwork .prepare for meetings with U.S. officials .learn how to prove your marriage is real .deal with the two-year testing period .find out what to do if your application is denied?Plus, Fianc? & Marriage Visas gives you helpful advice on protecting and renewing your green-card status. It also provides samples of essential forms to guide you, and shows you how to find them online. ? This edition is updated with new financial requirements for sponsors, and provides additional information to help you cost-compare your visa options and prove the validity of your marriage. Plus, you'll get up-to-date sponsorship and application requirements.