11-7-20 Camper progress, framing walls, experimenting with paints, and preparing to refinish a bathtub

  • 4 years ago
So it was not a week of major progress due to some very expected goings on in the world around me, but I did manage to make some steps forward.

Weekly cost is as follows...

Epoxy resin 1 gallon kit $39
Vinyl floor adhesive $16
Shower paint, primer, and clear - $65 – returned $25 – total -$40
Micah powder pigments - $26
Epoxy appliance enamel 1 qt - $16
Glass paints - $35

Total for the week - $172

This brings the project total to $2076 Total so far, including the $300 initial cost of the camper itself.

So far the remodel total to $1776 .... what an appropriate number for an election week...

As mentioned I have a store on redbubble, but I recently learned that posting the link is against dailymotion policy, therefore it has been removed from all my videos. My name is RainingCrow if you are interested, but I am not allowed to post a direct link through this site.

Look forward to new videos soon.