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Unit 2 Exercise 2.4 question no. 1 Class 9th PTB Maths (Laws of Exponents) Real Numbers by Learning Zone.

Learning Zone
This video comprises the ex or exercise 2.4 question no. 1 (Complete) of unit 2 class 9th PTB according to the new smart syllabus 2020 of Punjab boards, Federal Board and Agha khan board AKEU in detail. In this video I will discuss the laws of exponents and their applications with examples in detail. If there is any question please mention it comment section.
What is the definition of base and exponents? Explanation of laws of exponents and indices? What is the application of laws of exponents? What are the radicals? What are radicands? What is the symbol of radical? What are the radical form and exponential form? What hat are the real numbers? What are the properties of radicals? Define closure, commutative and associative property with respect to addition and multiplication? What are the additive identity and additive inverse? What are the multiplicative identity and multiplicative inverse? What is distributive property? What are the properties of equality of real numbers? What are the properties of inequalities of real numbers? What are the reflexive, symmetric, transitive and trichotomy property? What are the complex numbers? What are the definition of natural number and whole number? What are the integers? What are the rational and irrational numbers? What are the terminating and non terminating decimals fractions? What is recurring decimals fraction? How to represent a rational number on the number line? How to represent an irrational number on the number line? How to convert recurring decimals into rational numbers? What is difference between rational and irrational numbers? Unit 2 Exercise 2.3 (Complete) Class 9th PTB Math (Properties of Real Numbers)
These are all question which will be answered in this video.
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