Full version Overcoming Negative Emotions For Online

  • 4 years ago
Be alert to burdens you were never meant to carry. Time pressures, demands from family, relationships, the boss, even strangers! How do you manage to meet the demands of each day without losing your mind? Launched into the mix are missiles of anger, accusations, regrets, guilt, feelings of inadequacy, and aftershocks of divorce. Getting out from under these and other negative burdens will allow you to finish the day with assurance that you don't have to be rubble in a collapsing environment. You can remain sane in an insane world. There is shelter. There is power. There is victory. The unchanging God of the universe provides shields of protection and effective weapons to win the war against unwelcome emotions. Uncover insights into your triggers and nagging feelings. You can develop new patterns of thinking. Here are real examples and practical steps to help you break loose into freedom and enjoy the abundant life God has ordained for you!