This British Man Got a Bottle of Scotch for Every Birthday—Now He’s Selling It All to Buy

  • 4 years ago
A bottle of Scotch may seem like an unconventional gift to give a child.But after 28 years of receiving bottles of whisky from his father on his birthday, one English man owns a splendid investment.And now he's selling the entire collection to help buy a house.Starting with his first birthday in 1993, Matthew Robson got an annual bottle of The Macallan 18-Year-Old Single Malt.Giving a little kid such a supply of booze might seem strange, but his father had serious foresight. .As any whiskey collector knows, the value of high-end whisky has skyrocketed lately.And Macallan has been one of the top-selling brands on the auction circuit.So the quirky gift should turn in to about 50K at auction, and that will work just fine as a down payment