Fat loss series part 2 | Intermittent fasting | Full day of eating in intermittent fasting fat loss | Disadvantages of intermittent fasting | Best way to loose fat fast

  • 4 years ago
hey guys this is a complete package of all about intermittent fasting.
everything you need to know is in definitely try it out.

Fat loss series part 1:

Here's the full day of eating in IF

12:00 pm
mixed fruits (mango, banana, strawberry, orange, guava any available fruit)

12:30 pm
Brown/white rice / 2 roti + 150g chicken breast/ panner/ soyabean/ egg curry/ fish
+ dal + raw veggies ( cucumber, carrots , beetroot)

3:30 pm
2 slice brown bread with peanut butter + 2-4 egg omlate/ 50g soya chunks.

post workout
1 scoop whey protein / 2-4 boil eggs/ soya chunks/ sprouts + 1 banana

7:30 pm
sweet potato/upma/ roti + chole/ rajma/ curry / chicken breast/ dal + raw veggies /salad.

1 glass milk + handful of nuts.

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