Who discovered Eris an interesting planet||10th planet of our solar system||Solar system facts NASA

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Who discovered Eris an interesting planet||10th planet of our solar system||Solar system facts NASA

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Eris is the most massive and second-largest known dwarf planet in the Solar System. Eris was discovered in January 2005 by a Palomar Observatory-based team led by Mike Brown, and its discovery was verified later that year. In September 2006 it was named after the goddess of strife and discord.
Eris is the ninth-most massive object directly orbiting the Sun, and the sixteenth-most massive overall in the Solar System (including moons). ... Because Eris appeared to be larger than Pluto, NASA initially described it as the Solar System's tenth planet & for more...
- How long is a day on Eris?
- Why is Eris Not a Planet?
- How many moons does Eris?
- Where is Eris located?


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