Guruvayur Express Train Details Schedule and Interesting Facts

  • 4 years ago
Learn Guruvayur Express Train Details, Schedule & Interesting Facts!

1 Guruvayur Express Runs Every Day from Chennai Egmore to Guruvayur Station.
2 This Train Connects 48 Towns & Suburban Areas of Tamil Nadu & Kerala.
3 The Train Covers a Distance of 1100 Km in its 23 Hours of Journey.
Surprisingly, Many People Get on This Train to Experience Splendid View of Both States.
4 Guruvayur Express is the Only Express Train That Runs from Chennai to Guruvayur Every Day.
5 Guruvayur is Famous for Lord Krishna’s Temple Located in the Heart of This Town.
6 Guruvayur Express is Mostly Used by All the Pilgrims to Reach Guruvayur Temple from Chennai.
7 Guruvayur Express Train Leaves The Chennai Egmore Station At 07:40 AM & Reaches Guuvayur Next Day Around 5 AM in the Morning.
8 This Train Has 2A, 3A, Sleeper & 2S Coaches Attached.
9 The Train Stops Mainly At Nagercoil Junction & Madurai Junctions in its Route for More Than 5 Minutes.

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