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Pizza without Oven | Veg Pizza Recipe at Home | Pizza In Kadhai | Veggie Pizza | Cheese Pizza | Homemade Pizza Recipe | How to make PIZZA at Home | Informative Kitchen | Ripa's Kitchen

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Pizza without Oven | Veg Pizza | Homemade Pizza Dough & Sauce |Pizza in Kadhai | Informative Kitchen

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✓ Today's Recipe :- Pizza without Oven | Veg Pizza |
Homemade Pizza Dough & Sauce |
Pizza in Kadhai | Informative Kitchen

✓ Ingredients :-
Maida / all purpose flour (1½ Cup)
Sugar (2 tsp)
Dry active Yeast (1 tsp)
Mozzarella cheese
Mixed herbs, Pizza seasoning, Chilli Flakes, Garlic
Tomato ketchup (½ Cup)
Capsicum, Onion, Tomato, Sweet corn
Salt to taste

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