S. Korea's main opposition party vows to achieve 'equality, market system, peace'

  • 4 years ago
통합당 주호영 교섭단체 연설..."평등하고 평화로운 나라 만들것"

In a policy speech Tuesday for the newly inaugurated National Assembly, the floor leader of the main opposition United Future Party, Joo Ho-young, promised to make South Korea a more equal and peaceful country.
He pointed to soaring real estate prices and instability in relations with the North.
Joo pledged to help people achieve the dream of homeownership by easing regulations and increasing supply... rather than imposing tighter controls.
He also stressed the need for a fair society where opportunities and growth can be shared by everyone.
Women and young adults, he said, need to be safe from discrimination.
Again suggesting a loosening of regulations, Joo said economic growth and income distribution can be achieved simultaneously.
He also emphasized strengthening national security through the North's denuclearization.