'Rare' white hare spotted in Yorkshire, UK

  • 4 years ago
A UK wildlife artist captured the moment a "rare" white hare was frolicking around North Yorkshire.

In footage from June 1, 2019, the so-called "magical" animal was seen with another regular brown-furred hare.

The filmer, Robert E Fuller, said: "Its rare white colouring is known as leucistic, which means its fur lacks the melanin pigment that makes European hares brown.

"White hares are the stuff of ancient legends - some say they are the embodiment of witches - and all hares are supposed to be the original Easter Bunnies.

"So this one is an extra special sight at Easter.

"It is magical to watch.

"A dominant character, watch it hold its own when a rival male brown hare approaches.

"See how it rears on its back legs ready to box.

"The sight of hares boxing is pretty special so it is even more incredible to see a white hare boxing a brown hare."