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Holiday 2 Latest Hindi Upcoming Bollywood Movie Trailer Teaser Akshay Kumar Hrithik Roshan Vipul Shah 2020-2021

Akshay Kumar is on a roll! After impressing audiences in his recent release Airlift (yes, Akki is seen in yet another promising endeavour), Akshay is all set to give cinegoers yet another cinematic treat in the form of Holiday 2. Remember how the Khiladi Kumar had impressed us with his soldier avatar in the first installation? A soldier is never off duty. Once a soldier is always a soldier–Akki proved the point hands down. And now in what can be called a huge surprise Hrithik Roshan features with the action Kumar on the poster of the second installement

Both Hrithik and Akki look killer here. With aviators mounted on their noses and hoods creating the whole mystery about their appearance, the duo seem to be stepping out on a secret mission of sorts. After playing captain Vikram Bakshi, Akki is retaining his character for this one while Hrithik Roshan is playing Captain Karan Bakhi.

NOTE ..in this fan made trailer we a creating Concept trailer videos, involve collecting multiple pieces of film footage from one or multiple movies and editing them to create a new trailer. The purpose of This Mashup / Fan-made / Concept trailer videos is to demonstrate and conceptualize specific or non-existing film ideas, compile and transform clips from previously existing productions to create a creatively unique vision and giving new meaning. These videos are made to display transformative visual commentary on how a film idea could look. The trailer mashups are not only a user-generated form of digital creativity but a way to create anticipation for future releases, working in tandem with current movie trailers.

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