"Santineketan Feelings of Art"Movie Trailer | Writer-Anuj Pandey | Music- Dinesh Arjuna- Rishabh Kumar | DOP- Hemanth Salve | Choreographer-Kamal Nath | Editor- Sushil A Ghotankar |Producer-Director- Kartik Joteebha Shinde

  • 4 years ago
This expression of his personal experiences at Santiniketan College has made the subject of art feelings. This story is based on an art and humanity. Students who are busy dedicating their ideas about human development through art and culture. A girl of Indian origin named 'Meera' who is based in London. To further her interest in this art and culture, she joined Santiniketan College even when her father was angry. The college is a center of amalgamation of all cultures. And the current principal is committed to calculating the well-being of all cultures and sharing its importance with students in the right perspective.
For all the students here, there is a very different type of student life and students here have had to try very hard to understand the importance or influence of different cultures. Which are very different from themselves. Vikram is an extroverted type of student who easily mixes with others for his own benefit.
Meera has a group of students named Alisha, Parineeta, Yasmin, Muragan, Smita, Sandeep and Anuj among her students. Being from different states of India, it has been impossible to relate easily. Vikram and Anuj are more eager to share or communicate with each other while creating a new and mind-blowing approach. And because of this, Vikram is in the process of having fun while pretending to be in love with the girls and Anuj continues to hinder Vikram's every effort in some way. Sandeep has no inclination to do so.
Finally, Meera realizes the core values of life based on her art, music and dance. And through this art and music, Meera and Sandeep come close to each other. And through life's core values find true meaning in their life. On the basis of humanity. "Art is an unfinished desire"