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POSITIVE CastorOil | Root Therapy+ | Hair, Skin, Nail & Eye lash | Cold Pressed, Organic Hexane Free | Castor Oil for Hair, Skin & Nails | #CastorOilBenefits

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POSITIVE Castor Oil | Root Therapy+ Hair, Skin & Nails .. #CASTOROIL #top7benifitsforcastoroil #7benifits
how to use Castor Oil for Hair, Skin & Nails

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POSITIVE Castor Oil | Root Therapy+ | Hair, Skin & Eye lash | Cold Pressed, Organic Hexane Free | 200ml
POSITIVE Castor Oil for Hair, Skin & Nails | Root Therapy+ |

Introducing POSITIVE Root Therapy+

Dedicated to beautiful, long, bouncy and shiny tresses that help us leave the first and last impression, POSITIVE introduced its highly researched, [Modern + Ayurvedic] hair care range - Root Therapy+. This premium hair care range helps you deal with all the factors which may give you a bad hair day and enhances your total hair care experience

For Thick & Strong Hair, Nails and Nourished Skin

POSITIVE Castor Hair oil is a product that comes directly from the Source of Nature. In a bid to ensure that the oil remains safe for topical use by everyone, it has been manufactured and packed in world class facilities, making it SAFE TO USE.

100% Pure, Natural, Vegetarian & Hexane Free

No Added Preservative, Chemicals or Mineral Oils

Attractive, Spill Free, Sturdy Packaging

Dermatologically Tested

Suitable for All Skin & Scalp Types

Worldwide, Castor oil for eyelashes growth, eyebrow growth, Moisturised & Nourished Hair & Skin is very popular

Various Uses & DIYS's of the POSITIVE Castor Oil

For Longer, Smoother & Shiny Hair

The POSITIVE castor oil for hair growth contains high quantities of Ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids which could help in improving hair quality. The rich content of these fatty acids helps in adding lost nutrients on the hair and scalp & maintain natural balance on the scalp. It is highly useful for people with existing hair issues like dandruff, itchy scalp and Split ends

For a Moisturised Skin & Body

The POSITIVE castor oil has essential fatty acids and nutrients which are central to restoring skin’s natural balance and elasticity. With its moisture adding properties, Castor oil works by penetrating deep within the layers of skin and provides nourishment from within.

For Longer & Stronger Nails

The rich consistency of fatty acids in castor oil can aid in adding strength and shine to nails. When you use the POSITIVE castor oil for skin with a combination of Epsom salt and water on your nails, they experience shedding of dead skin cells and harmful elements from under your nails.

For Plump & Moisturised Lips

Rubbing the POSITIVE Castor oil on your lips and letting it soak in before applying a lip balm will give the added benefit of soothing and conditioning chapped lips.

For Crack-free, Moisturised Heals & Feet

You can also rub the POSITIVE castor oil on your feet, concentrating on your heels, before applying socks at bedtime & wake up to smooth, soft, and healed feet!

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