Artist makes uncomfortably realistic 'human skin' handbag

  • 4 years ago
This London-based artist has created this terrifying realistic luxury "Chanel" handbag that looks just like human skin.

35-year-old Baris Kareli has been a professional model maker since 2013.

For this particular work, Baris used platinum cure silicone and REAL human hair to make his subversive version of a luxury bag look SO real.

He told Newsflare: "If you want to wear leather, use your own skin.

"This work is a criticism of the clothing industry that uses animal skin for clothing."

Baris explained: "Actually I used my girlfriend's hair - she was cutting her hair at the time and I collected them for the bag."

The unbelievable footage from February 12 showcases his incredibly detailed work, which took 30 days to complete.