Full version Simply Bento: A Complete Course in Preparing Beautiful Box Lunch Ideas for Healthy

  • 4 years ago
From the creators of the website?Japanese Cooking 101,?Simply Bento?is a complete collection of over 140 delicious and healthy bento recipes for everyone in the family.? Ready to make lunch quick, easy, and tasty? Japanese bento boxes are single-portion packed lunches,?perfect for anyone looking to save money and eat a balanced, satisfying meal for lunch every single day.Simply Bento?features 140+ healthy and delicious bento recipes?including mains and sides?that you can make every day of the week, using a combination of traditional and non-traditional ingredients. Learn about different types of bento boxes and accessories, how to assemble your box, and everyday items you will need in your pantry, as well as how to plan ahead so that your morning prep is a breeze.Simply Bento shows you the finer points of bento-making, and there is something for everyone:Classic Japanese BentoSandwich Bento?Sushi and Onigiri BentoNoodle BentoPopular Japanese Bento10-Minute Bento?Rice and Grain Bowl BentoLow-Carb BentoVegan BentoBento for Special Occasions (including for the first day of school and Halloween!)Bento at HomeSo, if you're in the mood for Chicken Teriyaki, Ramen, Shrimp?Avocado Pasta Salad, Cauliflower Fried Rice, Falafel, Sweet and Sour Meatballs,?Tempura, or Chicken Nuggets (for the kids), Simply Bento has the recipes?plus much more!