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Marilyn Monroe pregnant in 1960? [Marilyn Monroe Interview]

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Marilyn Monroe pregnant in 1960? An Example Of Fake News?

It has been alleged that Marilyn Monroe was "Secretly Pregnant" by Yves Montand Marilyn's co star in the 1960 movie "Let's Make Love" at the time these new beautiful photos were taken in July 1960 with no evidence only hearsay over the back fence to back it up! First Marilyn interview in video is from 1960 when she was filming "Let's Make Love" and the second interview was a radio interview Marilyn did in 1955. the "George" talking atthe start is George Barris photographer and Marilyn's friend

"Marilyn’s weight fluctuated during her lifetime, and the years from 1957-1960 were heavier than previous years. Following her divorce from Arthur Miller, Marilyn slimmed down considerably. What is seen in these photos could be the result of the onset of the gallbladder problem that would lead to surgery in 1961. It could be bloating from Marilyn’s endometriosis – a condition that caused Marilyn to have difficulty conceiving and carrying a child to term, making this claim even more hurtful"