Manifest Money attracting Abundance Success frequency of wealth Mandala 3in1 Subliminal affirmations

  • 4 years ago
Music for attracting Money Abundance Success frequency of wealth Mandala 3in1. 3 in 1: mandala, sound therapy, color therapy - to attract money, abundance, success, health, prosperity of life. Mandala to unlock cash channels. Money meditation. A money channel is not like a pipe through which money and goods merge into your pockets. This is the power of energy, manifestation spirituality, which is able to generate ideas, to reveal his talents, potential in a person. Money channel is the power of imagination, well-being, enthusiasm, positive, common sense and all that leads us to success. Sometimes these are actions that spontaneously come to our mind without analysis and lead to success. Simply hypnotic law of attraction money.
And for the poorest - everything is completely clogged, like clogged sewer pipes.

At the beginning of the work with the mandala, you need to contact her every day, looking at her until the end of the video.

It is necessary to take into account your physical and emotional state. When experiencing the slightest discomfort, meditation with the mandala stops.

It is necessary to pronounce special affirmations, looking at the picture:
- I have in excess everything I need to satisfy my needs and desires.
- Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
- My income is constantly growing.
- I like to make money.
- I deserve to be rich.
- I have the right to allow myself to become rich and do everything that I want.
- Every year, the amount of my money increases faster than I spend.
- I get rich with little or no effort.
- Life rewards me abundantly.
- I deserve to be a rich, wealthy, and prosperous person.
- I always have more money than I need.
- Now I have a positive personal cash flow.
- I deserve to have money in a bank.
- I am financially independent and solvent.
- I enjoy my prosperity and freely share it with the world.
- When I receive wealth, I always share it with those in need.
Say all the words with complete confidence that this has already happened and try to feel what happened. Those feelings that would happen to you when your wishes come true. You need to be completely confident and maintain this feeling for as long as possible throughout the day.

Meditation with a mandala can be a simple contemplation on it, the correct geometric shapes and colors, the frequency of 432 Hz, 639 Hz, affect your success. No need to try to analyze your feelings, just watch your dive deep into your consciousness.