[Showbiz Korea] P.O(피오) & Solar(솔라, MAMAMOO)! Celebrities' Orange Fashion
  • 4년 전
How to Wear Orange
What’s stylin’ today on FASHION WEEKLY?! A color that is vibrant and full of energy and warmth! It’s orange, which is actually one of the color trends this year. So how can we work with this eye-catching color and create an outfit that looks effortlessly stylish? Let’s get some pointers from our celebrity fashionistas!

젊음과 활력을 잘 표현해 주는 컬러! 오늘의 주제! ‘생기 넘치는 오렌지룩’ 올해의 유행 컬러이기도 한 오렌지 컬러! 패셔니스타들의 패션을 통해 오렌지 컬러 패션 트렌드를 살펴보자!