K: A Common Law Approach to Contracts Complete

  • 4 years ago
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K: A Common Law Approach to Contracts is a highly focused, case-based contract law text from the distinguished writing team of George and Korobkin. In addition to offering a comprehensive treatment of the basic issues of contract law, this stimulating casebook emphasizes development of analogical reasoning skills throughout. Each section is limited to three types of materials--brief narrative, judicial opinions and discussion problems--and is designed to teach students how to read opinions, analyze issues, distinguish material from immaterial facts, and apply holdings to similar problems. Hallmark features: Highly regarded author team has written more than 50 law journal articles and several legal texts.Lean, focused, case-based text can be taught in a one-semester course.Comprehensive treatment of first-year contract law.Each section organized to promote methods of legal reasoning, including:A brief narrative that states a basic, fundamental proposition of contract law and guidance as to the second order doctrinal issues raised.Edited judicial opinions. Provocative discussion problems, designed for analysis from the perspectives of the judge and the opposing parties.Judicial opinions include classic and contemporary cases in contract law. Discussion problems simulate the fact patterns students will be given in final exam.Step-by-step discussion of how to teach cases through the Socratic method.PowerPoint slides that provide a framework for discussion of core concepts.Hypotheticals and discussion problem answers.