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Trains in Switzerland: Model Railroad Layout by Modelspoor Vereniging Spoorgroep Zwitserland - Video by Pilentum Television about rail transport modeling, trains, model railroading, railway modelling, model railways and model railroads

Model railroading is an international hobby, especially when Dutch railway enthusiasts build a Swiss model railroad layout. In this model train video, we discover the great HO scale layout that was built by the “Modelspoor Vereniging Spoorgroep Zwitserland”, a rail transport modeling club in the Netherlands. The layout presents the famous “Montreux Oberland Bernois Railway” (abbreviated “MOB”), a railroad line operating in Switzerland, by the way, one of the oldest electric railroads in southwest Switzerland.

From the very start, the “MOB” had the character of a main line railroad and introduced luxury trains with dining and saloon coaches. Today, a modern successor of these luxury trains is the “Golden Pass Panoramic Express”, which for the past few years has aroused growing enthusiasm (tourist attraction). The club “Modelspoor Vereniging Spoorgroep Zwitserland” consists of members who live all over the Netherlands. However, all members are united by their passion for the Swiss railways. In the club there are different regional groups, which build different modular layouts of famous railway lines of Switzerland.

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