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Trains in Germany: Steam locomotives and diesel-electric road-switcher locomotives in HO scale - Video by Pilentum Television about rail transport modeling, trains, model railroading, railway modelling, model railways and model railroads

In this video, we are going to discover some German trains and locomotives. When the video begins, we see a German steam locomotive on a turntable in front of the engine shed. Then we meet the famous rail diesel car, named VT 98, and the train sets of Class VT 11.5, simply called “TEE”, diesel multiple units built by Deutsche Bundesbahn used for “Trans Europ Express” services. Once the “Trans Europ Express” was the flagship of the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

A little later we see a railcar crossing the bridge and a worker busy cleaning the dining car. At the railway station, directly at the platforms, there is a German steam train with the DB class 01 steam locomotive and a passenger train, pulled by a diesel locomotive (DB class V 188), is leaving. Then a streamlined diesel train set (originally DRG Class SVT 137, later DB class VT 04) runs on the railway line. Finally, we see the great and strong DB class V 200 diesel-hydraulic express locomotive which was not only used by the Deutsche Bundesbahn but also by the Swiss SBB-CFF-FFS (SBB Am 4/4).

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