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अगर 5 सेकंड के लिए पृथ्वी से ऑक्सीजन चला जाये तो ..? what happens if earth lost oxygen for 5 second?

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अगर 5 सेकंड के लिए पृथ्वी से ऑक्सीजन चला जाये तो ..? what happens if earth lost oxygen for 5 second?
Oxygen may not be the most abundant gas in the atmosphere (that’s nitrogen), but it is certainly the most important one. Without it, no living being can survive. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the whole world was cut off from its oxygen supply for a mere 5 seconds?
1 Every structure made of concrete would crumble.
2 The oceans and other water bodies will start evaporating into space.
3 Everyone’s inner ear would explode.
4 Everyone chilling out at the beach would get extremely sunburn.
5 The sky during the day would get dark
6 Vehicles with internal combustion engines would stop working.
7 Pieces of untreated metals in contact would instantly become welded to each other.
Thank you, Oxygen, for existing and letting us exist!
You might think think that holding your breath for 5 seconds isn’t a very big deal. I mean, come on, it’s just 5 seconds after all!

In reality, however, if the whole world was deprived of it for that long, the results would be catastrophic.

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