The Message Part 32: William Branham and the Birth of the"Message"

  • 4 years ago
This episode examines the transition of the "Latter Rain Revival" to the "Latter Rain Message", the separation it caused among Pentecostals, and the formation of William Branham's "Message" cult following. It also examines the multi-faceted public relations campaign, from Roy E. Davis through Voice of Healing, William D. Upshaw through "healing" and testimony in Paul Kopp's church, the publicity caused from the "divine healing" debate and "halo" photo, and the reverends Kopp promoting William Branham in video marketing. Last, it examines the emergence of all of these campaigns from "coincidental" meetings in San Bernardino California by Davis, Upshaw, Galloway, and Kopp, and the Federal trial that resulted from the birth of the "Americanization" project.

Names discussed in this video:
• LeRoy Kopp
• Paul Kopp
• Vernon Kopp
• Roy Borders
• James Randi
• Joseph Mattsson-Boze
• Meda Branham

Topics discussed in this video:
• Branham's associates and their connections to "Latter Rain"
• The sudden frenzy of meetings during the "Latter Rain Revival"
• Rev. Roy Borders preaching "Latter Rain"
• "Latter Rain" churches sponsoring Branham's campaigns
• The transition from "Latter Rain Revival" to "Latter Rain Message"
• The papers from the office of Joseph Mattsson-Boze from Fuller Theological Seminary
• Joseph Mattsson-Boze's list of Branham's important "Latter Rain" sermons from 1956-1962
• Branham's "Latter Rain" meetings in Windsor, ON
• Branham's invention of details to strike fear in the hearts of skeptics
• James Randi's critical analysis of William Branham
• Many evangelists using "Prayer Cards" in their "discernment" meetings
• LeRoy and Paul Kopp promoting William Branham in the video, "20th Century Prophet"
• LeRoy Kopp's biography
• LeRoy Kopp mentally ill at an early age
• LeRoy Kopp escaping sanitarium, jailed, returning for medical supervision
• LeRoy Kopp ordained as a pastor in Kansas during high school
• LeRoy Kopp's affiliation with Brethren Church
• William Branham's apparent affiliation with the Brethren Church when he married Meda Broy
• LeRoy Kopp purchasing the Hamiln Reporter to hush the news
• LeRoy Kopp preaching doomsday sermons
• LeRoy Kopp moving to Los Angeles and joining Foursquare Gospel
• LeRoy Kopp becoming pastor of Calvary Temple
• LeRoy Kopp defending "faith healers"
• LeRoy Kopp becoming vice chairman of the Angelus Temple Evangelists
• LeRoy Kopp hosting William Branham at the Calvary Temple
• LeRoy Kopp hosting other "Latter Rain" evangelists
• Vernon Kopp, LeRoy's brother, missionary to Africa
• Roy E. Davis and William D. Upshaw setting up in the San Bernardino, CA area to fund their "Americanization" project (Ku Klux Klan front
• Paul Kopp, LeRoy's brother, moving to San Bernardino shortly after
• Roy E. Davis and William D. Upshaw's orphanage scheme to fund the Ku Klux Klan