Who Benefits from the Conflict between Lawyers and Doctors? - Khrian Khrian by Rashid Murad - 12/12/19

  • 4 years ago
Latest episode of Khrian Khrian by Rashid Murad 12/12/2019. RM TV London. Satirical commentary on incident took place at PIC Lahore between Young Doctors and Lawyers , manhandling of Fayaz ul Hassan Chohan PTI Imran Khan leader and implication of this incident on security of Lahore and blame game by Fayaz Chohan famous as brother of Dancer and Actress and stage Drama Artist Nargis.


When will PMLN will be back in power.Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s future in Pakistani politics.Can Nawaz Sharif come back as Prime Minister of Pakistan.How long U Turn politician Imran Khan will last in Pakistani political scene.Is PTI is the upgraded version of MQM Altaf Hussain? When will Qamar Bajwa and Asia Ghafoor Faiz Hameed will pull out of politics? Can Bilawal Bhutto overtake Peoples Party from Asif Ali Zardari ?How India would like to Kashmir dispute?When Narendra Modi will be ready to make friendly relations with Pakistani State.? Why Pakistan Economy is in nose dive mode?