Racing Club vs Boca Juniors - Campeonato Metropolitano 1971

hace 4 años
Racing Club vs Boca Juniors (1-2), with goals from Armando Oscar Ovide, against his fence; Oscar Antonio Pianetti and Orlando José Medina. Journalistic note inside the stadium, where the journalist comments on the entry of the teams to the playing field, and then some plays of the game. Short sequences of the game and then the midfielder Orlando José Medina is removed from the field of play. You can also see a repetition of the goals in slow motion. Report in the locker room to the doctor of Boca Juniors, Dr. Raúl Yudiosa, in which he is asked: -What is the state of Medina? - Will you be admitted to the San Isabel Sanatorium? -Is it more serious than I initially assumed? Report to goalkeeper Rubén Omar Sánchez, in which he is asked: - Are you happy with the performance and with Boca, especially for this return to the First Division? - Are you playing with more desire than in other opportunities? - Is it the happiest moment in your story? Report to the player Abel Pérez, in which he is asked: - Did the team per cabin look for the colors of yellow and blue Boca? -How did you watch the game? -Are you not a nervous guy? - Were things very complicated today? Report to the leading marker Armando Oscar Ovide, in which he is asked: - Are you happy with Boca's triumph? - As for the goal the great doubt, did you do it against? (Answer: Yes). (Version 1 Norberto Longo)
Detail: Film with stories from the first half.
(12th Date of the Metropolitan Championship)
Referee: Juan Carlos Cazayous
Racing Club training: Carlos Alberto Oriolo (Archer), Jorge Paolino, Domingo Eduardo Rizzo, Enrique Ernesto "Quique" Wolff, Carlos Vicente Squeo, Juan Domingo Antonio Rocchia, Osvaldo José Lamelza, Jorge José Benítez, Juan Carlos Cárdenas, José Luis Luna , Alberto Mario Jorge and Antonio Justo Alcibar.
Formation of Boca Juniors: RubÚn Omar Sanchez (Archer), Julio Guillermo Meléndez, Silvio Marzolini, Armando Oscar Ovide, Horacio Oscar Bongiovanni, Abel Pérez, Rubén Horacio Galletti, Orlando José Medina, Alberto Domingo Romero, Hugo Alberto Curioni, Nicolás Novello and Oscar Antonio Pianetti
Date: 4/25/1971
Duration: 8 minutes 14 seconds
Film code: D-00070

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