This Day in History: Al Pacino Stars in 'Scarface'

  • 4 years ago
This Day in History:
Al Pacino Stars in 'Scarface'.
December 9, 1983.
Directed by Brian De Palma
and written by Oliver Stone,
'Scarface' opened on this day in the U.S.
Screen legend Al Pacino played
Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee
who becomes a Miami drug kingpin.
The film received
mixed critical reviews,
in large part because of its violence.
But audiences loved
it. 'Scarface' has since
taken on an iconic status.
According to Pacino,
his portrayal of Tony Montana
had been inspired in part by
welterweight boxer Roberto Duran.
The film co-stared Robert
Loggia, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mary
Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Steven Bauer