Icelandic Language: The Icelandic Phrasebook Best Sellers Rank : #2

  • 5 years ago
Whether you have a trip to Iceland coming up and you're not sure quite where to begin with the language, or you need to study Icelandic for any other reason, this guide will provide everything you need to make your trip to Iceland a comfortable one. With the most frequently heard Icelandic words and phrases, all grouped by topic, plus fascinating details about its culture make this book a must for any traveler to Iceland. But wait. There's more! The menu has been laid out for easy, convenient navigation, and a mini English-to-Icelandic dictionary for quick reference on-the-fly has also been included. Learning Icelandic should be not only educational but also fun, and this guide was created to ensure that you appreciate the many facets of Iceland's language and culture - even before you set foot in one of the world's most beautiful nations.