3 years ago

Why SpaceX's plan to put 25,000 satellites in orbit is bad news for astronomers

It is a truism that commercialization often comes at a detriment to science. The internet, once an academic and intellectual space free of advertisements, has been transformed into a digital billboard; likewise, the commercialization of radio airwaves has made Earth-based radio astronomy difficult due to interference from Wi-Fi, AM/FM and TV signals. Now, as capitalists are gearing up to commercialize space, astronomers have renewed reason to be upset by an announcement by SpaceX that could make ground-based observational astronomy much more difficult, forcing astronomers to work around the zipping of satellites across the night sky.

NEWS SOURCE :- https://www.salon.com/2019/11/12/why-spacexs-plans-to-put-25000-satellites-in-orbit-could-ruin-astronomy/


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