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Online Take It Lying Down: Finding My Feet After a Spinal Cord Injury For Trial

[Read] "An amazing story of resilience and resurrection that is simultaneously moving, witty, and inspirational."--Ashok Rajamani, author of The Day My Brain Exploded"This engrossing book shows how to bear up and live in-between the inescapability of what was and the uncertainty of what is to come."--Christina Crosby, author of A Body, UndoneSix months shy of retirement and on a family vacation in Mexico, Jim Linnell steps off the porch of a rented guest house and breaks his neck. He is medevacked to his hometown hospital in Albuquerque and from there to a spinal cord injury hospital in Denver, where he learns he may live the rest of his life as a quadriplegic. How does a person absorb such news?Jim's injury is incomplete: He has a two-year window for improvement. After three months of rehabilitation at the hospital, he and his wife, Jennifer, return to their home with an armada of equipment for his therapy, a heavy dose of anxiety about how they will manage together, and many unanswerable questions: Will Jim get better? What kind of future will they have? Can they move past denial to accept the possibility that Jim may remain a quadriplegic?Take It Lying Down portrays a man reclaiming his life from catastrophe--it is a book of exemplary courage. For Full