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Bell-striking ceremony commemorates 74th anniversary of Korea's independence

Arirang News
Arirang News
Here in the capital, another special event was held to mark National Liberation Day.
At the Bosingak Pavilion, decendents of independence fighters and a survivor of Japan's wartime sex crimes struck the bell to commemorate the 74th anniversary of Korea's independence.
Park Hee-jun takes us there.
That's the bell ringing at the Bosingak Pavilion in Jongno, central Seoul,... celebrating the 74th anniversary of Korea's independence from Japan.
The bell was struck 33 times by 14 notable figures, including descendents of independence patriots and a victim of Japan's wartime sexual slavery.
One of the bell ringers was 92-year old Lee Ok-seon,... one of the very few remaining victims who were forced into sexual slavery.
She's been leading efforts to resolve the 'comfort women' issue.
Lee and the other around 20 victims still alive are still waiting for the Japanese government to sincerely apologize for its wartime sexual violence.

Also striking the bell was Yuji Hosaka, a professor at Sejong University.
He's well-known for his efforts to try to correct history distorted by Japan,... arguing for over 20 years that Dokdo Island is part of South Korean territory.
Participation by such contributors reflects Korea's strong determination to fix the wrongs made by Japan.

"It's been 74 years since Korea's liberation, but our elders who were dragged into forced labor by Japan still haven't been compensated. Resolving their sorrows is the only way to be truly liberated. We came from Gwangju to unite against Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's ruthless economic invasion."

"The ceremony revives the spirit of those who have fought hard for an independent Korea. And coming amid escalating tensions with Japan,... it's another opportunity for Koreans to stand united against Japan's influence over the country. Park Hee-jun, Arirang News."
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