No Recycling For These Cans, Just Upcycling!

  • 5 years ago
Aluminum Cans Get A Makeover
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You can try all you want, but it's pretty hard to avoid trash. It's just part of most households, unfortunately. There are, however, those items that you don't just have to throw away — you can actually re-use, transform, or "upcycle" them, as long as you know how. Tin cans are a perfect example. There are so many ways to make use of them after you clean them out and dry them off!

* * *

Idea #1: Pencil Holder

1. Paint three tin cans with acrylic paint or spray paint.

2. As the background paint is drying, cut some motifs from tissue paper or napkins — ideally with a pair of embroidery scissors. Then paint the motifs carefully onto the can with craft glue.

3. Finally, you can glue the cans to a nice piece of wood to keep them stable and well-organized. Having several different shapes adds an appealing variety. 

* * *

Idea #2: Ribbon or String Dispenser

1. Bore three holes in row, vertically, along the side of tin can.

2. Cover the middle third with masking tape and paint the free surfaces above and below with acrylic (or spray) paint — ideally in the colors of the ribbons that will be dispensed. 

3. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape, cover the upper and lower thirds and paint the center. 

4. Now place your three ribbon or string rolls one on top of the other inside the can, thread the ends through the holes, and start tying bows! The ribbon will never get tangled up again.

* * *

Idea #3: Bathroom Storage

1. For this idea you'll need to remove not just the lid but also the can's bottom. 

2. Stick metallic paper — or whatever kind you like — onto the outside of the can.

3. Then attach an adhesive pad to the can and stick it to the place on your bathroom wall where it will be most useful. Now you have the perfect container for some of the hardest objects to store well, like your hair dryer and brush.

* * *

To avoid getting injured by any sharp edges, either sand down the sharp bits around the top with metal sandpaper or open the cans with a security can opener that avoids cutting sharp edges in the first place!