[Showbiz Korea] Swag Age: Shout Out, Joseon (스웨그에이지: 외쳐, 조선) fuses tradition with modern times !

  • 5년 전
[Swag Age: Shout Out, Joseon]
It's time for On the Scene and today, we'll take you to the press call of the new musical titled "Swag Age: Shout Out, Joseon." It's a unique production that fuses tradition with the modern times.

뮤지컬 [스웨그에이지: 외쳐, 조선!] 프레스콜
오늘은 현대와 전통을 믹스매치한 뮤지컬 [스웨그에이지: 외쳐, 조선!]의 프레스콜 현장으로 떠나보겠습니다.