Full version Art Deco Airports: Airports of Dreams From 1920's 1930's Best Sellers Rank : #2

  • 5 years ago
Art Deco Airports looks at the first airports of the world, specifically Airports of the 1920?s and early 1930?s. The book is illustrated in full color, with line drawings and photographs. With the 100 years of Commercial aviation occurring in 2019, Art Deco Airports marks that important anniversary.Focusing on airports in Great Britain, Europe, and the United States, all of which were heavily influenced by the art deco architecture of the era. These airport buildings were subject to enormous change as air transport became more popular and as aircraft technology meant entirely upgraded facilities. Many of these buildings were only in existence for sometimes 12 months before being either demolished or refurbished. Some of these fascinating buildings are also still in existence, albeit in a dilapidated state.The combination of these exotic and iconic buildings, fashion and associated aircrafts has never been captured in art before and will present an exciting and appealing aesthetic reminiscent of the art deco posters of that era. It is truly a lost world.A great gift for travel lovers and history buffs.