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Apple is charging $1,000 for a monitor stand

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TomoNews US
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA — Consumers online are outraged after Apple announced its Mac Book Pro monitor will be sold separately from its stand. The cost of the stand? $999.

Apple is known for its ridiculously costly products that Apple fanboys will no doubt line-up to buy no matter how useless they are, but this time even loyal consumers did a double take.

At its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose this week, John Ternus, the company's hardware engineering VP, was going about new Apple products while the audience responded with the customary "oohs" and "aahs" of excitement.

First, he unveiled the new Mac Pro desktop with a price tag of $6,000 coupled with its PRO Display monitor priced at just $4,999. Expensive? Of course. But Apple managed to get away with it since it flashes a 32-inch 6K Retina display, among other extra features.

But then, the third announcement came. If you wanted to say, put your monitor on a stand as one usually does, you had to pay $999 more for the Pro Stand. That's another grand for a stand. Needless to say, the audience's excitement quickly turned into disbelief.

You'd think a $5,000 dollar computer monitor would already come with its stand, but as we are all aware of by now, Apple will slap extra price tag wherever it deems possible.

Apple offered the Pro Stand as if it was some sort of optional purchase. I guess if you're short $1,000 you could technically lean your 5 grand monitor against a wall or make your own DIY stand or something?

But the Pro Stand must be worth the price, right? Well, according to its specs, which Apple detailed in a press release, the stand allows users to tilt and rotate the monitor as well as adjust its height. Truly, groundbreaking. Never heard of a monitor stand that did that before.

The good thing is people aren't falling for Apple's shenanigans and called out the tech giant for being so blatantly greedy.

Twitter user Vishnu Narayanan took a shot at Apple's CEO saying, "If I had a $1000 to spend on something useless, I would buy a #ProStand and ship it to
@tim_cook. He lacks a spine. He prob' need a stand. @Apple"

Others saw Apple's new product as a business opportunity, Twitter user James G. offered his services saying, "Just so everyone knows: I will hold your computer monitor whenever you want me to for $997. #Apple #ProStand"

This guy might be onto something.