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5 years ago

The definitive guide to getting deals done right.

More than ten thousand mergers and acquisitions occur annually in the US, many among small- and mid-sized companies. These complex transactions can be an effective growth strategy, but they carry significant risk.Mergers and Acquisitions from A to Z helps guard against costly mistakes. Expert advice, case studies, checklists, and sample documents walk you through every step of the process ? from valuation to securities laws to closing and successful integration. Covering the latest trends and regulatory developments, the fourth edition explains how to:? Prepare for and initiate a deal ? Create a letter of intent ? Conduct due diligence ? Structure profitable deals ? Calculate the purchase price ? Raise capital ? Keep transactions on track ? Understand the roles and risks for boards ? Manage post-closing challenges ? And moreWhen done properly, mergers and acquisitions let companies eliminate rivals, extend territory, and diversify offerings. This trusted resource delivers the strategic and legal guidance you need to make the most of every deal.