Anwar: Don't place too much pressure on PTPTN borrowers

  • 5 years ago
PKR president Anwar Ibrahim has responded to the Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN)'s proposal to bring back travel bans for loan defaulters.

Anwar said any decision made on the issue should not put pressure on borrowers, especially those who are unemployed.

In a media briefing yesterday, the PTPTN management said it was also looking at several other options to improve study loan repayments.

In June last year, PTPTN chairperson Wan Saiful Wan Jan announced the lifting of the travel ban, with all 429,945 blacklisted names cleared with the help of the Immigration Department.

Abolishing the blacklisting policy for defaulters was among Pakatan Harapan's manifesto pledges for the 14th general election. It also promised to defer repayments for borrowers who earned monthly salaries of below RM4,000.