2019 NBA Draft Lottery Winners and Losers

  • 5 years ago
2019 NBA Draft Lottery
Winners and Losers With a closer look into the
NBA Draft Lottery, here are the winners and losers from Tuesday night. Winner: New Orleans Pelicans The Pelicans landed the right to draft
Zion Williamson at No. 1 overall. Winner: Memphis Grizzlies Most expect Murray State star Ja Morant
to be the No. 2 pick for the Grizzlies. Winner: Los Angeles Lakers The Lakers landed the No. 4 pick, which they
can now try to include in a trade package
with the Pelicans for Anthony Davis. Loser: Washington Wizards With the sixth-best odds and a 37% chance of a
top 4 pick, the Wizards dropped to the No. 9 pick. Loser: Cleveland Cavaliers
and Phoenix Suns Tied with the Knicks for the best odds at the
No. 1 pick, the Cavs and Suns fell to the
No. 5 and No. 6 picks. Loser: Chicago Bulls The Bulls will be selecting No. 7 in the
NBA Draft for the third consecutive year.