Cellar Sessions: Frank Orrall & Abra Moore - Black Hole February 17th, 2018 City Winery New York

  • 5 years ago
Frank Orrall & Abra Moore sit down for a One On One Session at City Winery New York on February 17th, 2018. Watch the full Poi Dog Pondering Session here: https://youtu.be/-glChv429dU For more info visit: http://poidogpondering.com http://www.platetectonicmusic.com/frankorrall & https://www.facebook.com/AbraMooreMusic
Audio & Video by: Ehud Lazin

Frank Orrall is the founder, frontman / guitarist for the Rock & Soul group; Poi Dog Pondering He is also: Percussionist and Singer for the D.C. based Mod dub Rockers; Thievery Corporation.
(His other side projects include: Palm Fabric Orchestra, and, 8fatfat8).

Raised in the Hawaiian Ocean, Frank Orrall is the Son of a Solar Physicist Father, and a Folk song singing Mother. Learning Guitar from his Mother, and a love of poetry and nature from his Father; Frank began to record a series of homemade solo cassette albums out of his bedroom in 1984, and released them on consignment at local record stores around Honolulu and Southern California, under the moniker; Poi Dog Pondering. Since then he has lived between San Francisco, New York, Austin Tx., and Chicago. Collaborating along the way with a wide array of fantastic Musicians & Co-conspirators; releasing 8 full length albums as PDP, and traveling extensively with them (and Thievery Corporation); For the love of Music, Prose & Adventure.

Abra Moore is a folk-styled rock singer-songwriter. Moore was a founding member of the Hawaiian rock band Poi Dog Pondering, but left to pursue a solo career before the group's members moved to Texas in the late 1980s