The urban crisis in Latin America - Documentary Film 1970

  • hace 5 años
Documentary "The urban crisis". General view of people walking through the center of the city and vehicle traffic through the cities of Mexico City, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and New York.
Views of the city of Mexico DF; bullfight in town; I publish observing the run from the grandstands; Bull attacks the bullfighter; villa with houses of poor people; factory chimneys with smoke; land with dump and carrion birds.
Brazil: Views of an ambulance circulating on the street towards the hospital (Sao Paulo Prefecture). Child birth in the operating room. Maternity room with babies in cribs. Children jumping in an establishment. People walking the streets of Rio de Janeiro. People sitting in football stadium. People dancing in restaurant. Men playing ball in Ipanema silver. General views of the Ceasa market with men working in vegetable and fruit stalls. People eating in outdoor restaurant.
Mexico: Interview with Mr. Víctor Luis Urquidi, professor of urbanism and director of the center for economic and demographic studies at the Colegio de México, where he talks about urban growth in Latin America.
Bs. As .: Panoramic view of the avenue 9 de Julio and of cars circulating in a street.
Mexico: Views of the Federal District with air pollution. Burning waste in landfill. Machine work in garbage and carrion birds. Close-ups of a man playing the accordion on the street. Survey people about urban growth. Views of people traveling in the subway (underground). Interview with Carlos Bello (Director RR.PP.Metro). Views of the metro station "Chapultepec".
Peru: The peasant emigration. Views of bus circulating along the route. Men moving in a horse-drawn cart. Panoramic view of villa miseria and its population. Views of children playing on the street. Interview with Juan Astica (urban planner). Views of a housing district built by the government. Facade of a catholic church in the village. Close-ups of a high voltage tower. Workers working on the paving of a road. Interview with Fernando Correa (urban planner). Views of street vendors working on the street (sale of lottery tickets, food, shoeshine). Views of men attending vocational schools to raise the technical level of work. Views of a residential neighborhood with buildings.
Bs. As .: General views of the actor Luis Sandrini during the location in study of the movie "The Patagonian teacher". Guillermo Fernandez Bustamente makes a report to Luis Sandrini and asks him the following questions: - What suggestions would you make to improve life in this city? -What do you like most in Buenos Aires? Insert panoramic view of the metropolitan port; vehicles circulating along Corrientes Avenue during the night; Nightlife with people walking down the street.
Views of a roller coaster and other games in amusement park, in Mexico. Man selling snowflakes and balloons. Horse race in racecourse. Motor Sport Race Prototype in Brazil. Local soccer game in Mexico. Rehearsal of dancers in theater.