Presidents Moon-Trump to hold summit meeting in Washington next month

  • 5 years ago
Our top story this Friday-- President Moon will be meeting with U.S. President Trump next month in Washington,... perhaps to find a breakthrough in the impasse in the denuclearization process.
For more, we go live to our correspondent Shin Se-min at the top office -- Se-min so we know that the date is set from April 11th till the 12th,... tell us more.
Jiyoon we do have a confirmed summit schedule for the leaders of South Korea and the U.S.,... their seventh face-to-face in total.
The presidents will be meeting from the 11th of April until the 12th-- most likely for talks on nuclear diplomacy.
Let me take you to what the presidential secretary said in a news conference this morning.
"The leaders of the two sides will hold in-depth discussions on matters to strengthen the bilateral alliance and coordinate their positions on establishing peace on the Korean Peninsula through absolute denuclearization."
And that same schedule was reiterated and confirmed by the White House shortly after-- saying that the alliance between the two sides "remains the linchpin of peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and in the region",... and added that the visit by President Moon will strengthen the alliance and friendship between the two.
Okay-- we seem to be getting a clearer picture-- but when will we know the full scale and the details of the upcoming summit
Jiyoon-- what we know so far is the date, the location and possible agendas for the summit.
But there's a lot of unanswered questions as to how many times the leaders will be meeting during President Moon's short stay there-- or whether or not there's more fine tuning taking place between the two sides.
For now the presidential press corps is waiting for an update,... or possibly for more details on the background and the elements of the upcoming trip to the U.S.
Just to brief you on why there's such a rush in announcing the trip just weeks before and why there's such hype around here on this particular issue-- President Moon's efforts for peace in the region had been brought up multiple times ever since the somewhat disappointing results from the summit between North Korea and the U.S. in Vietnam last month.
So attention is now on whether this meeting could be the catalyst that restarts the stalled process of denuclearizing the regime.
Once we know more-- I'll be sure to bring you the latest-- Jiyoon?