THIS is the 300mph Koenigsegg JESKO! | FIRST LOOK

  • 5 years ago
The Koenigsegg Jesko is aiming high and targeting a top speed of 300mph! With the covers off, join me for a full look at the completed Jesko during the world premiere at the Geneva Motorshow. It's a megacar that takes things to a completely different level, offering 1,600hp, 1000kg of downforce and a new gearbox with 7 clutches!

Having been introduced to the car by Christian von Koenigsegg himself during its final preparation at the factory in Angelholm, Sweden, it's fantastic to see it now in a final state and completed at the show stand. There will be 125 units built of the Jesko, each bespoke to the individual customer and offering performance unknown by many other things on 4 wheels.

Powered by a 5.0l twin turbo V8 that produces a maximum of 1,600hp and 1,500nm when running on E85, it can also offer 1,280kg on regular pump gas of 95 in Europe or 91 in the US! Combined with "Ultimate Power on Demand" using the trick Light Speed Gearbox, shifts are ultra responsive and it can drop many gears almost instantly to then be pushed through it's paces.

Following in the footsteps of some remarkable Koenigsegg products that have been launched at Geneva including the Agera, One:1, Agera RS and Regera, the Jesko has a lot to live up to but will no doubt be an astonishing car for the lucky few.

Thanks for watching, Tim