Instant regret? Man eats a squid ink sac, staining his lips and teeth black

  • 5 years ago
A man in central Vietnam was filmed trying out an unusual delicacy, by chowing down on a squid ink sac that stained his mouth and lips black.

In video of the meal, filmed on February 17, the man eats a large ink sac, slowly chewing it over before swallowing it whole, the sac breaking and staining his mouth. He can be heard said it tastes sweet and very tasty unlike its black.

For many people, the ink bag of the squid is an intimidating prospect, as squid squirt ink very forcefully when threatened. However, for the people in the coastal Quang Tri province, it is a very special dish.

People from the region never remove ink sacs when processing squid, claiming that the squid will lose its taste when removing the ink sac.

Large ink sacs are instead processed and eaten directly, while some are also used as spices when preparing dishes.