4 years ago

Uttarakhand floods: Weather becomes a barrier in the rescue operations

India News: Army teams reached Badrinath and Ghagriya on Friday and 91 people were evacuated by army helicopters. Besides, 322 people were air lifted from Gagaria. Army Aviation helicopters so far flew 104 sorties with 12 aircraft evacuating 523 people and delivering 13,000 kgs of food, fuel and medicines. In Pithoragarh district, eight stranded civilians were evacuated by army helicopter from Milam on Friday. A medical camp was established at Tijam providing medical aid to people affected by floods. 65 patients were treated by army medical team at Gothi in Pithoragarh district.
Due to bad weather again, army is not able to carry out the rescue operations properly inPithoragarh district of Uttarakhand.

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