Grammys 2019 Most Awkward Moments | Cosmopolitan UK

  • 5 years ago
11 of the most awkward moments from the Grammys 2019 - hope you like to squirm! Award ceremonies seem to really bring out the awkward in celebrities. So let's celebrate that by enjoying all the funniest and cringiest moments from last night's Grammy Awards, from the most awkward Grammys performance to the Grammys Drake moment he'd rather you forget.
1. When Drake got his mic cut off halfway through his speech
2. When nothing about Ryan Seacrest interviewing Lady Gaga was relaxing (the end is particularly toe-curlingly bad)
3. When Alicia Keys and John Mayer presented Childish Gambino with his award, got photobombed by a production guy, gave the award to the wrong guy, and didn’t know which way to get the hell off the stage
4. When they spelled Kacey Musgraves’ name wrong. So close, and yet so far…
5. When The Undertaker called and asked Alicia Keys for his wardrobe back
6. When Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott arrived late and walked the red carpet after the red carpet coverage was over
7. When Alicia Keys called Clarence Avant a mongol instead of a mogul. Easy mistake to make… I guess??
8. When people were pretty sure Cardi B was lip synching
9. Oh, and when her diamond necklace made a run for it
10. Plus (soz Cardi), when she was a literal oyster
11. When Alicia Keys closed the show by saying, “If you need something to ride home to, check my IG.” Wait… what?

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