Tim Carter - Michael Prokes - Mike Carter - Temple of the Jonestown People 1980

  • hace 5 años
Guyana: Tim Carter, Michael Prokes and Mike Carter, these three young men are accused of having been men of trust, direct associates of Jim Jones (mass killings in Guyana, event occurred on November 18, 1978). Report to young people: - What are their names? -How long did they take in the Temple of the People sect? -Why were they in the sect? - How they explain the overturn that gave the personality of Jones, the ending that had this history? - They were very close, were they friends of Jones? - A version says that they left the sect with a suitcase containing dollars and a letter for a Soviet ambassador? -Where is the suitcase and the money? - They were drugged in the sect, was a sect of drug addicts? -Jones did not do drugs? - Did they attend some of the death cocktail rehearsals? - You as a former CBS journalist how can you define what has happened? - What is the title that you would put to this whole story? - Were there murders apart from the suicides? - Do you know who were responsible for those deaths? Insert with images of Jim Jones. Incidents in Guyana. Rural property where the community called Jonestown was built. Image of the corpses. (Cesar Mascetti)
Detail: The questions and answers are formulated in English.
Date: 1980
Duration: 8 minutes 25 seconds
Code: BG-0151

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