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8 tips to get rid of bad luck | How to Get Rid of Bad Luck? Artha

We all know that good luck charms are believed to bring good luck. But which are those peculiar one’s that even ward off bad luck. Follow these eight methods to cast your bad luck away.

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1 Light the incense sticks (Agarbatti):

Doing rituals with an odd number of incense sticks are one of the quickest ways to deal with bad luck.

2 Wearing lucky charms:

In a few cultures wearing lucky charms, especially key locket, are another way to get rid of bad luck.

3 8 Goldfishes with 1 Blackfish:

A goldfish kept in your house brings “positivity” and good luck and cast of ill fortune.

4 Salt cleansing ritual:

Rock salt or Sea Salt is considered as a great tool in cleansing us from negative energies or bad luck.

5 Coins bring good luck:

Finding a coin on road not only gets you wealth but even enhances good luck.

6 Don’t throw away pieces of a broken mirror:

Simply throwing the piece of broken mirror will successfully seal your destiny.

7 Horseshoe

The iron horseshoe has a long history as a powerful good luck charm all over the world.

8 Decorate your house with precious stone:

Keep various precious gems or stones in your home, is believed to warding off negative energy.

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